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Your Success Is Our Success

Our mission is simple: We exist to identify the best new opportunities for sales teams and to enhance relationships with existing customers.

Every communication with our customers, their teams, and their customers cultivates transparency, trust, and deeper connections. We uncover more opportunities to be of service, share information, offer solutions, and enrich a working relationship.

  • We thrive on challenges.
  • We absolutely live to excel.
  • We believe in being both high touch and high tech.
  • We uncover the best possible customers for our clients.
  • We take communicating with clarity and authenticity seriously.
  • We believe in making each exchange both effective and memorable.
  • We make your sales team look great before they arrive for their first meeting.
  • We have fun doing it.

How big is our staff?

We are a boutique company with 11 employees and growing!

Do we have a global presence?

Yes. We are a US-based company with multilingual staff members and a global reach.

Where are we located?

Each staff member works from his or her home office and without interruption.

What makes us different?

Four things: Our technical sales expertise, our conversational chemistry, our propensity for long-term relationships, and our love for our jobs.

Each Connects Team Member was hand-picked for their knowledge, professionalism, and passion. We are capable of providing the full spectrum of sales, marketing, and business development services to complement, enhance, and even train your own. We work in highly technical and complicated B2B industries, across all levels of an organization, including R&D, engineering, marketing and sales.

We are sophisticated conversationalists. We actively listen to get people relaxed so that they are comfortable and share information with us. This provides your sales engineers with a virtual welcome mat at the front door of a prospective client.