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FAQs: Questions? We’ve got answers.

Will I have designated people working on my account?

Always!  We like to train two people on your project.  This helps us test messaging styles and set benchmarks.  From there we can have one designated person or as many as you need, but you will always have the same team in place.  We want our people to feel an ownership with your project.

Do you represent yourself as from my company or yours?

Generally from yours.  We want to be an extension of your sales team.  There have been times when it is necessary for the project to call the prospect “blind.” We can do that, too.

How many leads can I expect to get?

Fantastic question.  This varies depending on market segment, size of target company, name recognition etc.  However, on average, our projects net the following per 100 hours…900 dials, 150 connections, 30 highly qualified leads and 30 additional contacts with future interest.

Do you offer a pay-per-lead program?

No.  We provide quality over quantity.  When companies offer pay-per-lead, they push through raw quantity. Our goal is to help keep your sales people in front of decision makers, not create more work for them with unqualified leads.

Can we ramp our project up or down?

Yes, we will structure the program to meet your needs.

We have a very technical product, how will you learn the details?

We love technical projects!  With our knowledge transfer process we learn the intricacies of your product and thoroughly train our staff.  When we do our call walk-through with you, you will hear us and know we get it.

What is your niche market?

Our clients run the gamut from start-ups to Fortune 500. The one thing they all have in common is they are technical in nature.  We love to talk tech.

How big is your staff?

We have 11 employees, and growing!

Do you have a global presence?

We are a US-based company, but are multilingual and have a global reach.

Where are you located?

Each staff member works from his or her home office.  We have found with our kind of work we are far more efficient if we are not in an office environment where interruptions are part of  daily life.

Are you a list broker?

No.  But we do have relationships with several brokers and will work with you on procuring a list, if needed.

Can you compile a custom list for me?

Yes.  We can put together a custom list for you in a particular vertical and segment. We will use all of the latest information available to build you a list that will meet your program needs.

Do you send emails in conjunction with your calling?

Yes.  We prefer to have our callers have an email address from your company.  We are an extension of your sales team and want to present ourselves as such.

What if I have received a lower cost quote from other another vendor?

Again, this is an issue of quality. The team that you will have working for you will be made up of experienced sales and marketing professionals (based in the US) who have the ability to have in-depth conversations with VPs, Directors or C-level contacts. Other firms may save you money up-front, but in the long run our results are going to net you the greatest return.

How will my leads be delivered to me?

We can work directly from your CRM system, and can help you to define the proper workflow, or from our own CRM system, in which case qualified leads will be delivered to you as they are developed. We will also deliver you a complete list of rated leads on a weekly basis.

How will I be kept up to date on the results?

Early on in the process we will provide you with daily updates on the program, then we will move to a weekly reporting schedule once everything is buttoned down. These reports will provide you full visibility into the results and metrics of the project.

How do you differ from other telemarketing agencies?

We are US-based, hire only the best of the best, we talk tech and most importantly, we are great conversationalists.  We know how to engage with prospects and uncover key information to help you close deals.

How do you work in conjunction with my other business development programs?

We augment your marketing initiatives.  Our goal is to get you qualified new business opportunities; we will work with you to ensure a seamless approach. With our partners we can help you put into place direct and email campaigns.