Creating Customers: Building Your Lead Generation Machine

Helping you to connect with your prospects.

B2B industries are generally more technical and more in-depth than those in the B2C space. We believe that if you can figure out in a B2B world how to give someone a B2C experience, you will own your marketplace. It is our job to help you achieve this goal. 

Let’s talk about specific projects that create customers.

Lead Generation/Qualification

The heart of what we do is B2B lead generation.  We keep your pipeline filled with highly qualified leads so your sales people can spend their time closing deals. Our team has the ability to understand your business and complex technology and then take the right action to ensure your sales success. We begin by:

  • Engaging the right point of contact within the targeted company
  • Having a candid dialogue that supports future communication
  • Identifying true opportunities for your sales team
  • Determining the logical next steps for your sales team
  • Establishing a firm foundation for a long-term business relationship

Lead Nurturing and Retention

One of the most critical aspects of your sales cycle is keeping leads warm until they are ready to purchase.  Sales teams don’t have time to nurture the pipeline, they need to close deals. Enter your customer creation team. I almost want to call them your nurturing team, because really, all of these core areas are or relate very closely to nurturing.

Your team should keep you connected with your prospects, handing them over when the prospects are ready to take the next step. Your ROI will be maximized and your pipeline kept active with well-paced, ongoing dialog and direct communication.

This means:

  • Staying in front of your prospects with new developments and offerings
  • Allowing connections to be deepened with relevant decision makers
  • Identifying new sales opportunities
  • Maintaining your sales pipeline so it is current and up to date

Appointment Setting

Let’s say you have a sales engineer who is going to be traveling in the southeast United States region for a week. While he’s there, you want him to make the most of his time. Generally, we do appointment setting for existing clients; therefore we are already well-versed in their products, services and industries. We can certainly do appointment setting for new clients as well.

Imagine breaking into a territory for a new product launch with a full week of qualified appointments. Whether you are looking for face-to-face or phone-based appointments, we can help your sales team keep their calendars full, not just handing over leads for future follow-up, but working directly with your team to coordinate next steps. Many of our clients find that by conducting appointment setting programs they are able to ensure they are:

  • Maximizing sales engineers’ time while out in the field
  • Increasing ROI for sales travel costs
  • Leveraging investments in trade shows or conferences