Other Core Competencies

With core competencies spanning the entire business life cycle, we offer a breadth of solutions with deep expertise in each area. After an initial needs assessment, we can help you pinpoint your key areas of pain and develop a strategy to streamline operations, drive revenue and reduce costs regardless of where you are in your planning, execution or measurement processes.

Executive and Business Strategy

With more than 36 years of global manufacturing experience— including 10 in the position of president of the American arm of an international corporation—our senior business strategist helps clients implement:

  • Policy deployment
  • Growth initiatives
  • Segment management
  • Talent management
  • Acquisition support
  • Project management culture
  • Accelerated innovation workshops

Marketing Communications and Public Relations

Our team of consultants can shape your ideas into stories and help you share your stories with the world. Experienced in multiple industries, from banking to industrial manufacturing, they also have their fingers on the pulse of emerging online and social media channels to help with your:

  • PR framework
  • Copywriting and copy editing
  • Media relations
  • Value proposition messaging and positioning
  • Promotion
  • Newsroom optimization

Sales Onboarding and Readiness

Our solution sales experts have developed training, sales tools and strategic playbooks for sales teams and partners of the world’s largest technology companies, including:

  • Internal sales tools and readiness materials
  • Sales scripts and role plays
  • Customer-facing presentations

Innovation Training

Connects Innovation is our cross-consulting group with experts ranging from executive-level business developers to global sales and marketing consultants, working in collaboration with SolutionPeople® Innovation Acceleration tools and methodology to provide customized innovation workshops for individuals and organizations that want to grow through innovation. We lead Accelerating Innovation and Creativity Training workshops to help clients develop innovative solutions for:

  • Annual business planning at the executive level
  • Measurement metrics and performance indicators to evaluate successful execution against business plans
  • Market campaign messaging, positioning and definition
  • Competitive positioning in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Quarterly or annual review of business and team performance and definition of corrections of error to improve success in the coming term
  • Innovative internal process improvements for increased customer satisfaction
  • Product repositioning or launches
  • Product/service development